Liberian News Agency

By 16 April 2020

News-gathering and reporting across sub-Sahara Africa has improved tremendously despite mitigation from internal and external factors. Today, we will look at one of the top news agencies in the continent: Liberia News Agency.

An Overview of the Liberian News Agency

The Liberian News Agency was launched in 1978 in Monrovia, Liberia, to operate a national media outlet in the country. This agency is a pivotal news extraction and dissemination in the country. In fact, the Liberian News Agency is the only news organization in Liberia that covers the nook and corners of the African country.

Its main objective is to enforce the truth, enhance unity and integration, and give truthful and original news to the populace. Despite being inflicted with a terrible setback when its facilities, and types of equipment were destroyed in the 14 years national Civil War that engulfed the country, this agency stood the test of time. It came out better and stronger and had since never looked back.

Which Category of News do they Offer?

Liberia News Agency offers unique and updated news to willing clients and members of the public, they include:

  • Op-ed:This type of communication is popularly known as opposite the editorial page. The Liberian news agency gives an opinion on pertinent and burning issues. This type of news is usually written by experts to educate the public.
  • Pro-poor voices: On their web platform, you can get articles where they lend their voice to the oppressed and issues that affect the poor in the community.
  • Local nutrition: For top delicacies in Liberia and Africa as a whole, you can check this section out for balanced diet meals and preparations.
  • Videos: individuals who want to view videos of the latest events around the continent and the world should click this section for HD videos.
  • Health: Health is wealth; the Liberian news agency has a section where daily news articles are written on health and medical issues from experts around the world.
  • Culture and arts: Part of the aim of The Liberian News Agency is to promote the traditions of Africans and particularly Liberian.

By following this media outlet, you can get to see various unique cultures.

What’s so Special about the Liberian News Agency?

Though it is the function of all news agencies to gather and distribute information around, there is something that distinguishes the Liberian news agency from the rest.

  • Neutrality: To achieve a good result and be accepted globally, the Liberian news agency has remained impartial in all issues politically, or otherwise.
  • Objectivity: A very core focus of the Liberian news Agency is to be objective no matter whose ox is gored. They do these by employing the best talents and training them to fulfill their obligations faithfully.
  • Delivering breaking news: They provide today’s news yesterday. They get updated and the latest news where many cannot go. If you stay in Liberia and you need an outlet that will keep you abreast of the latest happenings, the Liberian news agency is for you.
  • Dependable: A dependable and reliable news agency is what Africans and Liberian need, and they can get this with Liberia News Agency. Getting quality and premium news is not what every news outlet can guarantee.
  • Finally, this news agency has come a long way to serve the interest of Liberians and Africans at large, and they have succeeded.